Who We Are

First and foremost, we all would like to thank you for your interest in Quality Postfrom.


In 1985, fresh off the plane from Toronto, Canada, the late Emanual Chircop, realised that the Maltese market had not yet been introduced to the world of postformed elements which was picking up popularity in North America.  So Emanual co-founded Continental Tops which later became known as Continental Postform.  After 12 years of growth and continued success, Mr. Chircop felt that he needed to further express his business and manufacturing ideas, so in 1998 he founded Quality Postform (QPL). 


Today, QPL is succeeded and managed by the late Chircop's daughters, Claudette and Michelle.  Quality Postform enjoys a young and energetic organisational culture, working proactively to serve the needs and wants of it's clientele, in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible - all this while keeping in mind that quality is second to none.