Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) for Wood Cutting

Material: natural woods–soft, hard, wet
Usage: cutting along and across the grain of natural massive wood

M2 High speed Tungsten Molybdenum for Metal Cutting - Mild Steel

M2  High speed TUNGSTEN MOLYBDENUM STEEL. It is strongly alloyed high speed steel containing wolfram, vanadium and molybdenum. Circular saws have both very good mechanical characteristics and excelent strength for these alloying elements. Fine structure of martensite, its formation is ensured by 5% molybdenum content, makes the blades resistant from disruption and fatigue of material. Wolfram content not only forms extremely hard carbides and improves blade strength, but above all keeps material grain growth off. Moreover increases the resistant to attritions, especially during big cutting temperatures. Analogous to above mentioned elements vanadium takes part in improvement of mechanichal characteristics as well. It makes fine grains, participates in rise of hard carbides and increases the instrument resistant to attritions. For high performance saw blades. Hardened and tempered to 64 +/- 1

M35 Tungsten Molybdenum Cobalt for Metal Cutting - Stainless Steel

M35 TUNGSTEN MOLYBDENUM COBALT bearing steel.It is strongly alloyed high speed steel with content of wolfram, molybdenum and cobalt. From the HSS/Dmo5 steel mentioned above differs by 5% cobalt content which keeps material grain growth off during high cutting temperatures and improves cutting operation. These characteristics are prerequisite for efficient cutting of hard materials as are stainless steels or steel of big strength.Special high performance saw blades. Hardened and tempered to 65 +/- 1

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