Rubber Profile Edging

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Our half round rubber edging profile is purposely designed for kitchen table tops and offices furniture. Small angular radius can be created thanks to its structure and flexibility. It has excellent impact resistance against chairs and other foreign objects. This can be purchased by the metre for the DIY enthusiast or ordered on your made to measure table or desk top. 


Dimensions: 30.4mm

Colours: white, lights brown, dark brown, blue, black, grey

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421 zodia,Solid Colours malta,products malta, quality postform malta

Colour :                  421
Texture :                Zodia

Available Products in same colour:

 postformed elements:

  • countertops
  • tabletops
  • door panels

 melamine-faced chipboard

✓ hpl (high pressure laminate)

✓ abs edging

 melamine pre-glued edging


✓ available

✖ not available