Algonquin® Anti-Vandal Cubicles

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Algonquin® Anti-Vandal Cubicles


Algonquin® is made from solid 13mm CGL (Compact Grade Laminate). They are suitable for wet environments where hygiene is a must such as hospitals, sports, and leisure centres.  These highly durable partitions are suitable for high-traffic places prone to vandalism such as schools and public places.


Algonquin® can be installed as a shower or toilet cubicle and comes in custom sizes thereby optimising the space you have available.




  • Kick-proof panels
  • Anti-vandal fittings to keep your toilets in working order
  • All fittings and security bolts are made from Marine Grade Stainless Steel Fittings 316L
  • Waterproof panels and Stainless Steel Fittings prevent mildew and bacteria growth
  • Door locks indicate occupancy and are disability- friendly

  • Colour Range



Presently, the Algonqiun® anti-vandal cubicle range comes in a warm white (colour code 406) with a black core.

  • Solid Colours

405 zodia3,Solid Colours malta,products malta, quality postform malta

Colour :                  405
Texture :                Zodia3

Available Products in same colour:

 postformed elements:

  • countertops
  • tabletops
  • door panels
  • toilet cubicals

✓​ melamine-faced chipboard

✓ hpl (high pressure laminate)

 cgl (compact grade laminate)

✓ abs edging

 melamine pre-glued edging


✓ available

✖ not available

  • Cutting Services

Algonquin® Anti-Vandal Cubicles come in made-to-measure sizes allowing for 100% utilization of available space where other alternatives would waist preciouse space. 

How It Works:

You supply us with relavent site plans.  We supply you with a sound practical solution completly installed.

Service List:
  • free quotation from plan
  • site inspection
  • fabrication
  • installation