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We can offer you three easy solutions for the kitchen counter top backsplash. 


  1. Counter top complete with a posformed backsplash (no internal joints)
  2. Plastic Backsplash with a laminate insert
  3. Separate Postformed backsplash which is external to the kitchen counter top


All above backsplash types are available from our complete colour range. 



Colorfill Counter Top Sealent


Our ColorFill is the first sealent to be designed specifically for the installation of mitred worktop joints.


1. It bonds the joint together

2. It seals the joint against water and domestic detergents

3. It is 100% colour matched to the worktop so making the finished joint almost invisible

4. In addition to joints, ColorFill will repair scratches and chips in laminate surfaces.



Table Legs


These table legs come with a fast release mechanism. Once the plate has been fastened to the bottom of the table, one can simply turn the acentric nut to release or lock the leg into place for easy transportation. 


Dimensions: 720mm x 60mm (25mm adjustable heights)

Colours Available: black, white, brushed aluminium 


Counter Top Joiners


Our aluminium profiles are designed for jointing postformed counter tops.


Two trims are available, these are: corner joints for jointing two worktops at right angle and the straight joiner or 'T' for butt jointing two worktops to form a longer overall worksurface length.


Our counter top joiners are made to exactly suit your worktop profile, in 30mm heights and are available in lengths in 630mm.


Colours Available: silver, black, white, light brown, dark brown, pumice and copper