Counter Tops

  • Full Specs

All counter tops are manufactured using chipboard with a density of approximatly 630 kg/m3 as its core. The bottom is covered in white melamine. The top is covered with a 0.8 - 0.9mm High Pressure Laminate for increased heat and scratch resistance.


   Counter Tops  Counter Tops c/w Back Splash
 standard sizes
 3670 / 3050 x 600mm x 30mm 
 (12' / 10' x 23 5/8" x 1¼")
 3670 / 3050 x 600mm x 30mm
 (12' / 10' x 23 5/8" x 1¼")
 custom sizes
 any width 75 - 1220mm 
 ( 3" -  48")
 any width 150 - 1220mm
 ( 6" -  48")
 20, 30, 37 & 47mm 
( ¾", 1¼", 1½" & 2")
 30mm only
 front profile
 waterfall (standard) or
 wraparound - 180° ( 30mm only)
 waterfall (standard) or wraparound - 180°

Counter Tops
Counter Tops complete with Backsplash


All counter tops are available in both standard and coustom sizes and in any colour from our complete colour range.


  • Colour Range

421 zodia,Solid Colours malta,products malta, quality postform malta

Colour :                  421
Texture :                Zodia

Available Products in same colour:

 postformed elements:

  • countertops
  • tabletops
  • door panels

 melamine-faced chipboard

✓ hpl (high pressure laminate)

✓ abs edging

 melamine pre-glued edging


✓ available

✖ not available

  • Cutting Services

We offer a complete cutting service for all our products such as Countertops, Table Tops, Door Panels, and last but not least… melamine-faced chipboard. To complement this we also offer a full abs edge banding service. In most cases we can cover any edge using 1-2 mm ABS or matching HPL.

All custom-angled cuts for tops must be accompanied by a template supplied by the client

Kitchen and Bedroom cupboard doors can also be ordered with bored hinge holes.

How It Works:

1.  The client shows up with his/her cutting list on a piece of paper,

2.  We convert the client’s cutting list to a readable format,

3.  And Presto! Postform cut to size and ready for installation by the client.


We are more than happy to offer some guidance to first-timers in their quest to build their dream piece of furniture!

Service List:
  1. Cutting of doors
  2. ABS on doors
  3. Boring of hinge holes
  4. Cutting of MFC
  5. ABS applied to MFC
  6. Cutting of tops
  7. ABS applied to counter tops
  8. Bow shaped arc finnished with HPL edge (for berakfast bench)