1. What is the difference between melamine faced chipboard (MFC) and postform?

They both consist of a chipboard core. However one is covered form both sides in a melamine paper of about 0.1mm thick and postform covered in a high pressure laminate (0.6 - 0.9mm). MFC tends to be about half the price of postform, that is why one usually finds mfc used in cupboard carcases and then its fascias (door and drawer fronts) made from postform. Postform has a much higher scratch and heat resistance compared to MFC hence the differece in price.

2 . Can I find MFC and Postform matching in the same colour?

Yes, we have about 10 colours which are in our exact colour match range consisting of HPL, Postform, MFC, Melamine pre-glued edging, and ABS.

3. What is the narrowest and widest postform that I can order?

We can manufacture postform form 4" up to 48" rounded on both sides.

4. Can you make off standard (custom) sizes?

Yes, we can make any width you may need. (between 4" - 48")  

5. Do you come on site to take measurments?

All measurments are to be supplied to us by the client.

6. Do you install?

No we do not. Once again the client is responsable for installing or hiring 3rd parties.  

7. Is postform sold by the metre?

Our Postform panels (tops and doors) are sold in full, half and 1 metre lengths. Doors can be bought in 30" (760mm) pieces. There are exceptions.

8. Do you stock all the colours of postform on this website?

We stock about 80 colours of HPL. From these we stock about 20 colours of counter tops. The remaing 60 or so can be ready for collection within approximatly 5 working days (for average size orders).  

9. Are your postform panels the same colour on the front and back side?

As standard our panels are manufactured with a plain white backside. However one can order any colour of postform having both sides laminated in the same colour. Just make sure to tell us when you place your order.